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We will respond to your queries within two (2) working days.

Gentle Reminder:
a) Special USTAR for AY 2021-2022
Request for Applications for Special USTAR will be until 30 April 2021. You may click the link to submit your requests:
b) Processing of applications for Academic Placement
(UST-SHS and NON-UST SHS) will be from 20 May 2021 until 19 June 2021;
c) For USTAR applicants requesting the OFAD or the Academic Unit for consideration of their late completion of the online application, OFAD will only process them if they are endorsed by the Academic Unit.
d) Please click the link below regarding USTAR Results FAQ
e) Please click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
   19 - 23 April 2021      = Confirmation of Enrollment of Qualified applicants
               (Submission of admission credentials to the Colleges)
   26 April 2021           = START OF ENROLLMENT
   26-27 April 2021     = Submission of accepted On-waiting lists applicants to OFAD
   28-29 April 2021     = Tagging of accepted On-waiting list applicants by OFAD
   30 April-07 May 2021  = Confirmation of Enrollment of accepted On-waiting list applicants
               (Submission of admission credentials to the Colleges)
   15 May 2021        = Last day of Enrollment for Qualified and Waitlisted applicants

  1. Access the IICS-COE portal thru the URL: on 14 April 2021.
  2. Log-on using the following credentials:
    • username: applicant number
    • password: Lastname
  3. Encode/update information pertaining to your profile.
  4. Access pre-confirmation orientation materials
  5. Confirm that above-listed materials have been viewed and fully understood.
  6. Proceed with Confirmation.
  7. Upload High School Credentials and Other Pertinent Requirements (PDF/PNG/IMG/JPG format ONLY)
  8. Confirm uploaded files.
  9. Proceed with the viewing/printing of Confirmation of Enrollment Form.
  10. Allow IICS to validate all submitted credentials and revisit the UST-IICS COE portal after 3-5 working days to know the procedure for enrollment.


Enter your Applicant Number (no entry year) found on your test permit